Young Indian Vegetarians of UK

by Pritya Books on April 25, 2008

During our visit to UK and London Book Fair in April 2008, we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Nitin Mehta, the founder of The Young Indian Vegetarians of UK. Mr Mehta has made a name for himself with his intense work in the field of Vegetarianism. He is quite popular and has made many friends who frequently visit his home, a lovely bungalow in East Croydon, UK. The first thing that catches your eye as you enter his driveway is an old white Amabassador car which they shipped from India to UK. It is like a magnificent welcome to their cozy home.

The Young Indian Vegetarians of UK are now a group of people committed to the cause of vegetarianism and a healthy way of life. Their website is comprehensive, featuring many writings by Mr Mehta and even a newsletter dating back to August 1983.

Young Indian Vegetarians UK

The Young Indian Vegetarians of UK (Nitin Mehta in the black and white shirt) with Jigyasa, Pratibha & Dr. Kalmadi

On April 18, 2008, Mr. Mehta invited us to his residence where we met friends & members of his organization. Dr Prakash Kalmadi had also arrived from India and the three of us (Jigyasa, Pratibha & Dr. Kalmadi) had just finished a presentation about healthy Indian cooking at the London Book Fair. The group was enthusiastic and asked us to speak about our journey as authors. We shared with them about the process of writing, research & publishing while Dr Kalmadi demonstrated some Yoga Asanas & spoke about the goodness of Ayurveda.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Mr Mehta’s mother and learning some yummy Gujarati pickles.

Indian vegetarians

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