Wisdom from Charaka Samhita for a Sukham 2011

by Pritya Books on January 1, 2011

Our Wish for You – A Happy Energetic 2011

That which is earth in the universe is the body in the self.
That which is water in the universe is the moistness in the self.
That which is fire in the universe is the bodily heat in the self.
That which is air in the universe is the breath in the self.
That which is ether in the universe is the spaces in the self.
That which is unmanifest brahma in the universe is the spirit that dwells within.
(Translated from Charaka Samhita)

Wishing all our readers Sukham 2011

We are born from a combination of the five elements that pervade the universe – earth, water, fire, air and ether. A predominance of air and ether gives rise to vata dosha, that of fire and water to pitta dosha, and earth and water to kapha dosha.
As another year unfolds, here is a tip for health & longevity from Sukham Ayu:
For our dynamic Vata friends: Find time for tranquility, stay warm, keep a routine, and eat warm and unctuous foods tempered with spices. In short, eat foods that are comforting but not unhealthy, and focus on achieving stability and purpose in life.
For our passionate Pitta friends: Find time to de-stress, retreat to cooler climes during hot summers and eat foods that are not too spicy or hot. Wheat, basmati rice, milk, non citric fruits and almost all beans are ideal for you. In short, eat foods that are calming and learn to master the art of moderation in all facets of life.
For our steadfast Kapha friends: Find time for plenty of physical activity and variety in life. Eating hot and dry foods like millets, chillies and fenugreek will energize you and keep the balance. In short, eat stimulating foods and allow for change in your lifestyles to drive away your inherent lethargy.

Wishing you Sukham Ayu
Jigyasa & Pratibha

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