Traditional Menu from Vegetarian Cookbook at Femina

by Pritya Books on January 20, 2008

A vegetarian menu comprising of andhra recipes from “Cooking at Home with Pedatha” are featured in this annual supplement by Femina in an article titled “Amazing Andhra”.

Andhra recipes featured in Femina


Subhadra Krishna Rau Parigi’s (or Pedatha as she is known) culinary excellence and generosity as a hostess were well known to her family and friends. But it took two enthusiastic foodies – Jigyasa Giri, her niece, and Pratibha Jain – to immortalize these scrumptious old South Indian recipes and make Pedatha something of a household name… Even to the novice cook! They share with Femina some time-tested Andhra favourites excerpted from ‘Cooking at Home with Pedatha’.

This menu features the staple steamed rice, served with palakoora pappu (red gram with spinach leaves), potato vepudu (spicy roast potatoes), a spicy carrot pachchadi and a signture Andhra accompaniment of ‘podis’ or powders, in this case, made from red gram.

Featured recipes – Palakoora pappu, Bangaladhumpa vepudu, carrot pachchadi and kandhi podi.

(As featured in Femina Cookbook)

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