Sukham Ayu Review on Readers Inc

by Pritya Books on February 9, 2011

Review on Readers IncAnother REVIEW of our Ayurvedic Cookbook “Sukham Ayu” on Readers Inc, a blog for book lovers.

The review is by one of our favourite authors – Ammini Ramachandran who wrote the much celebrated cookbook “Grains, Greens & Grated Coconut.” We are indeed delighted at what Ammini has to say about our book:

“…a celebration of ayurvedic way of eating. With easy to prepare flavourful recipes, Sukham Ayu is one of the most accessible tools to learn about self-healing food…Much more than a wonderful cookbook, Sukham Ayu serves as a concise introduction to ayurveda: the book opens with a primer on the three doshas or constitutions. Readers will learn how to identify their ayurvedic type; Roti spread from Sukham Ayudetect imbalances; select foods, and, most importantly, put the power to heal in their own hands.”

About Readers Inc: As the site says, “Readers Inc. is co-authored by three book addicts: Sanhita Sinha Chowdhury, Preeti Chauhan & Jerusha Chande and a host of other guest book addicts. We are voracious readers who love nothing more than to curl up comfortably with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate…”

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