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Indian vegetarian RecipesDo you have a website featuring some traditional Indian vegetarian recipes? Or are there such recipes on other sites that are your favorites? We would be delighted if you could share the links with us. Share as many URLs as you like, but not more than 5-7 from the same site pls. To view the list so far, click here.

Submit the URLs, one at a time, using the form below. Do remember, the recipe must be Traditional, Indian & Vegetarian.

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Ever since we attended the Terra Madre Conference in 2010, we have wanted to compile a list of our traditional recipes. At the conference, we had registered for the Terra Madre Day which we celebrated with an event – The Traditional Connect – with The Duchess Club last year. We were amazed at the array of delicious dishes that the members prepared & presented at the event. Undoubtedly if there is one list that is endless, it is that of traditional foods from India. They are all there, tucked somewhere in our memory banks and that of our elders. And so many of them have now found their presence in cyber space – thanks to bloggers & culinary enthusiasts who are sharing their family recipes on their personal blogs & other sites. Won’t it be nice if we can compile them at one place for easy reference!

It was while brainstorming the event for Terra Madre Day 2011 that we finally decided to embark on this project. Listing of our traditional recipes. Hence, we invite all bloggers & culinary lovers to help us populate this list. Share with us URLs of traditional Indian vegetarian recipes in the form at top of this page.

This is our attempt to join the movement along with thousands of people across the globe to nurture Mother Earth & to support the concept of Slow Food. It’s time we did our bit for Mother Earth.

*Submitting your URLs does not ensure that they will get posted on this site. URLs can also be changed any time. Final decision rests with Pritya Team.

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