“Ayurvedic Insights to Cooking” – Femina features Carrot Soopa

by Pritya Books on March 25, 2009

Femina highlights the special features of Sukham Ayu in an article titled ‘Tradition for your tummy’ along with the delicious and healthy Carrot Soopa from the book.

Femina features our healthy soup recipe
A must add to your bookshelf this month is ‘Sukham Ayu’, which offers invaluable Ayurvedic insights to cooking.

Did you that cooking Indian food in cow’s Ghee is much healthier for you than cooking it in olive oil? That every human body is different and food needs to be eaten accordingly in varied combinations, to enhance taste and good health? That milk should ideally not be combined with citrus fruits during a meal? Authors Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain have put together a book that gives you all this information, and more!

‘Sukham Ayu’ is the authors’ second offering after the runaway success of ‘Cooking at home with Pedatha’. It has been extensively researched for almost 3 years at KARE (Kerala Ayurvedic Research and Rejuvenation Establishment), at Mulshi, Pune. Started by Dr. Prakash Kalmadi. “Dr. Prakash wanted to publish a cookbook with the age old Ayurvedic recipes that are prepared at KARE, and approached us with the idea,” says Jigyasa. “We started off thinking it was just going to be a compilation of recipes, but as we unearthed more and more about Ayurvedic cooking the more there was to unearth. It was like a ball of wool that couldn’t stop unraveling.” Thus, the book features other important details – a self test to determine your body type, nuggets on the benefits of each ingredient and dish…the list is endless.

“We actually went back to primary texts and sources during the course of our research,” explains Pratibha. “We wanted to ensure that whoever was reading our book was privy to authentic information. That is why it took so long! It was fascinating – we discovered so many interesting details. For instance, did you know that the best foods to consume are those readily available in a particular season and a particular region? That is why cooking in cow’s ghee for us is healthier that cooking in any other substance!”

What’s next on the agenda for this talented duo? Another facet of Indian cuisine, they tell us. Jigyasa (a Kathak dancer, choreographer and teacher) and Pratibha (who holds a doctorate in philosophy of language from the University of Madras) insist that a blend of Indian aesthetics in their work is what gives them satisfaction!

The hard cover book has been published by Jigyasa and Pratibha’s own company – Pritya – and features 114 colour pages, every recipe accompanied by picture. It is available at leading bookstores across the country.

(As featured in The Femina Magazine, March 25, 2009)

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