Pedatha Book Review on Iyer n’ Chef

by Pritya Books on February 12, 2011

Food bloggerCranberry Rasam, Pierogi with Onion Chutney, Crostata with Masoor Dal Subzi & many more innovations & new-age culinary experiments can be seen on Iyer n’ Chef Wannabe, Niv Mani’s Blog.

She recently bought our Andhra cookbook “Cooking at Home with Pedatha” from Amazon & posted an interesting REVIEW on her site.

We loved reading this paragraph in the review: “The first thing that strikes you about the book is the sepia toned photograph of a graceful lady, Mrs Subhadra Parigi, against a pastel green & olive background. She could be anyone’s grandmother, paati, nonna,  aaji, (take your pick of language), the loving warm kind who would welcome you & your friends & acquaintances home for a sumptuous meal! But while the books layout may be in shades of pastel, the recipes within burst forth with a vivid palette of intense flavors.” We can imagine Pedatha smiling at the phrase highlighted in this review – ‘Anybody can cook’. Yes, that perfectly describes what she believed :) .

About Niv Mani: An Alumna of IIT Bombay and NYU, she is a Biomedical Engineer by training. On a break from career, raising her young kids. She says, “I inherited my passion for food & its nuances from my dad and presently using it to integrate ingredients & techniques from all cuisines to create unique one of a kind recipes. With a predominantly Indian angle!”

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Pratibha Jain March 7, 2011 at 1:08 am

I really like Niv’s style…it is young, original & passionate. Enjoyed reading her review of Pedatha Book.


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