Pedatha – An introduction by her sister Mrs Sarala Surya Rao

by Pritya Books on August 26, 2005

“Those who meet her love her, and those who eat her food admire her cooking,” writes Mrs. Sarala Surya Rao about her sister Mrs. Subhadra Rao Parigi, a.k.a. Pedatha. Find below the foreword written by her titled “Pedatha…an inspiration” in our cookbook “Cooking at Home with Pedatha”.

“‘Pedatha’ is my eldest sister Subhadra Krishna Rau Parigi. Born on 2nd May, 1921 in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, her earliest memories are of the large house in Behrampur where she grew up – especially the hustle and bustle in the kitchen. She used to love watching our mother cook with love and care to feed the large family and friends, including illustrious visitors like Gandhiji, Rajagopalachari, Gopal Reddy and others.

Old world charm - beautiful smiles captured!

Old world charm - beautiful smiles captured! Pedatha is seated in the centre; 2nd from left is Sarala Surya Rao.

Our mother, Late Smt. Saraswathi Bai Giri, wife of former Indian President, Bharat Ratna Dr. V.V. Giri – was an expert cook. She was a repository of knowledge of a vast variety of Indian vegetarian cuisine. Subhadra, the eldest of a large number of eternally hungry siblings, was ideally positioned, as she modestly puts it, to imbibe the best of culinary skills from our mother.

Pedatha with her father President V V Giri & family

Pedatha with her father President V V Giri & family - Pedatha is 3rd from right & Mrs. Sarala Surya Rao is 2nd from right.

Due to her husband late Shri Krishna Rau Parigi’s official postings, Subhadra has lived in Madras, Delhi, Ceylon, Burma, and in Pondicherry (during French rule). A great host, her house was always filled with guests. While in Pondicherry and Burma as the Vice-Consul’s wife, she herself used to make dishes which were thoroughly relished by locals and visiting dignitaries alike.

She currently resides in Bangalore and is the mother of four children, Saraswathi Dinesh, Rekha Ram Jayanthi, Late V.G. Parigi, and Preetham Parigi. A good conversationalist, she can fluently speak Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and English.

Those who meet her love her, and those who eat her food admire her cooking. No wonder she has admirers all over the world. I am flattered that Pratibha and Jigyasa have asked me, among innumerable friends and relatives, to introduce my sister.”

Click to view the beautiful cookbook featuring Pedatha’s recipes.

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