Pedatha – A tribute by her son A.P. Parigi

by Pritya Books on December 22, 2005

The proud son of our Pedatha, A P Parigi has 35 years of experience spanning across several sectors including telecommunications, media & entertainment. He serves on Boards of several Times of India Group companies including Times Innovative Media Limited (out-of-home), Times Internet Limited (internet), Times Now (television), and WorldWide Media (a joint venture with the BBC). Below is the foreword he wrote in “Cooking at Home with Pedatha” sharing his emotions & learnings in growing up with his Amma – ‘Pedatha’ for the world.


In the foreword titled ‘Whose food I eat, her song I sing’, Parigi writes:
“As her son, I have lived with and known Amma, who is popular now as Pedatha to readers of her cookbook, for over 50 years. My vivid, early memories date back to the late 1950s. I was all of nine years of age and remember being fascinated with how she went about taking care of the house and guests. If I were to say I owe her my life, it would be an understatement. In fact, every son knows and sometimes realizes this sentiment, when his mother is no longer around to connect with and reach out to. If I have some claim to seeing the future before it arrived, I possibly, early in life realized how integral she was to every thing I did and will do in my life.

In Pedatha’s view, relationships were sacred and every one was bound to contribute to make this world a far better place to live in. She was very simple and affectionate, and did not expound lofty thoughts, but her idealism was apparent in her simple belief in goodness and love. Having lived a life of 86 years, it was but natural that she had faced sorrows and joys, had been witness to tragedies and great moments of achievements and success in life, but somehow through it all, she remained simple and serene and spread this positive energy to anyone who came in contact with her. She simply believed in spreading happiness.

Effortlessly she could connect People, Relationships and Food. Cooking and serving people was her way of life. Amma was one of those rare individuals who in her interactions with others demonstrated the Law of attraction. She always believed in the Power of human thought. She possibly never knew or realized that she was a master at explaining many valuable Secrets of Life. However adverse the circumstances , she could always get people to once again start believing in themselves. She had this gift which she generously deployed to spread cheer and happiness in every home. Her motto was : Nothing is impossible.

Through her culinary skill she possibly conveyed the power of positivism and the need to live in the present, using the learnings received through generations before her. To believe in oneself, to have faith in the future, that the future will be influenced by the way you think. She always said you will finally be what you dream to be. So always dream and think big. You will get there much to your surprise.”

To read a foreword by Pedatha’s sister, Mrs.Sarala Surya Rao, click HERE.

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