Food festival at The Park, Chennai

by Pritya Books on January 30, 2006

Events at Pritya: One of the most successful events with Cooking at Home with Pedatha was the Food Festival at The Park, Chennai – a 3-day event. Both the authors Jigyasa & Pratibha planned the dinner menus for the 3 days and cooked in the kitchens (for more than 4 hours a day) with the assistance of the chefs who were equally excited to try out Pedatha’s recipes. There was a press meet before the show where Pedatha, Pratibha and Jigyasa spoke to the press – Femina, Ritz and Eves Touch – and served them lunch from the book’s recipes. All the tables and rooms had tent cards a week in advance. The hotel was delighted that a traditional vegetarian fare was received with as great an appreciation as other International Food festivals conducted by them. Jigyasa and Pratibha paid personal attention to all the guests who came for the food festival.

Andhra Food Hoarding final layout

Here is a letter from the authors to the Chefs at The Park:

Dear Chef Willi,
It gives us great pleasure to thank you and your team for the most wonderful experience during the Andhra food festival that was held at the park chennai.We were deeply touched by the warmth and sensitivity of your team towards us. Being first timers in working on a food festival of this magnitude, the assistance we recieved from Chef Rajesh, Chef Gopal, Chef Abhishek, Chef Vijay, Chef Muthu, and that young lad Shashi was absolutely indispensible. And then your team at 601! How they handled those three days of hectic service-right from Mr. Vinod to Sumith, Vidya and all the others involved directly or indirectly. That peek into your TOUGH lifestyles has taught us a lot indeed about patience, hard work and commitment.

Such a grand success would not have been possible without this able team lead by you. We thank you once again for all the hand-holding, for the faith in us, for the joy that the entire experience has left us with.

We hope that your team enjoyed the event as much as we did and that we will find many more opportunities to work with together in the future.

With warm regards
Jigyasa & Pratibha

An equally warm response & reply went from Chef Willi, Director of Food and Services, The Park:

Dear Ms. Jigyasa & Ms. Pratibha,
Thank you for the most kind comments concerning the Andhra Food Fest, both for myself, Rajesh, Gopal and the boys. I am very glad that you felt comfortable with the atmosphere and support, as this is all part of our efforts to ensure that the guest then receives the best possible from such a nice cuisine by having the people making it comfortable as well! I also had the thaalis each night and thoroughly enjoyed them (Friday and Saturday) and from the number of guests that arrived each evening, it was obvious there was a winning combination of dishes – and the ladies who put them together!

I want to thank you for working around our set-up here and I am glad that you enjoyed the experience and the excitement of it all. It is a thrill that few jobs give, and yet the boys (and girls) certainly work very hard for it! They therefore very much appreciate your kind words and thanks offered.

Until maybe next year?

With my very best to you and thanks you once again for a wonderful festival.

Willi, Chef at The Park

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