Find Your Health: 3 Tips for Finding Vegan Recipes for Free

by Pritya Books on July 17, 2010

Elizabeth Baker, regular contributor to Frugal Dad, writes this article for our website.

Going vegan is no small feat, especially if you’ve never been a vegetarian before. A vegan diet excludes all animal products, including meat, poultry, fish, dairy, and eggs. Not only is the diet limiting, grocery shopping and cooking become difficult because so many of your favorite foods and recipes are now off limits. However, veganism has proven to be excellent for your health. Fortunately, technology has made it much easier for the vegan community. Websites offer grocery deals to help keep the cost of produce down, people set up blogs and forums to share information and recipes, and there are even Apps designed just for Vegans. Here we have sources to assist you in keeping Vegan:

  • Smartphone Apps: Vegan apps can help you find vegan recipes and restaurants with vegan options.
    • This list of 10 free apps provides some good suggestions. Veg Kickstart, for example, guides you through your first three weeks as a vegan by offering recipes, nutritional information, and motivation.
    • VegNews also offers a list of apps to help you find vegan recipes.
  • Vegan Websites: You don’t need to spend money on vegan cookbooks because there are endless vegan recipes published online. A quick search for vegan recipes turns up thousands of results.
    • offers 15,000 recipes searchable by category and popularity, and features plenty of mouth-watering photos.
    • Try your own web search and browse the results to find your favorites.
  • Vegan Online Forums: The internet is an amazing tool for bringing people together, and vegans have used it to do just that.
    • Happy Herbivore suggests networking with other vegans to find new recipes and to ask questions. Veganism requires more than just searching for recipes without animal products—you need to know how to get enough protein and other nutrients, how to handle non-vegan cravings, which grocery stores have the best vegan selections, how to navigate meals with meat-eaters at restaurants or the holidays, and a plethora of other information.
    • Veteran vegans can be your most valuable resource. If your political opinions on the treatment of animals are an influence on your decision to go vegan, online forums can also help connect you to activist and community involvement organizations that work toward ending animal cruelty.

Technology will make your transition to veganism much easier by helping you find recipes, information, and support. Like any serious endeavor involving your health, it is important to do your research before diving in. Utilize the internet to educate yourself about how to be a healthy and safe vegan. You’ll find so many delicious recipes that the transition to your new diet will be fun and exciting.

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