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Title -   Sukham Ayu
Sub-title -   Cooking at Home with Ayurvedic Insights
Authors -   Jigyasa Giri & Pratibha Jain
Photographer -   Srivatsa Shandilya
ISBN-13 -   978-8183283120
Publisher -   First Print Dec 2008 Pritya | Third Print April 2013 Wisdom Tree
Category -   Cooking, Indian, Vegetarian
Pages -   114
USD Price -   $ 29.99
INR Price -   Rs. 695
Publication Year -   December 2008
Edition -   Third Print (First Edition)
Format or Binding -   Hard Cover
Imported Edition -   NIL

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Ayurvedic Cookbook - cover page Page of Contents - Simple vegetarian recipes
Sample recipe page Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cookbook

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Winner of “Best Health and Nutrition Book in the World 2009 – Second place” by the Gourmand awards, this cookbook features healthy and delicious Ayurvedic recipes from the kitchen of Kerala Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat, Pune. What makes the book interesting is a creative combination of recipes & food-tips on one hand, and Ayurvedic insights & tenets on the other. It steers the reader towards a focus on freshly cooked food, and on the correct use of spices to enhance taste and health.

Special Features of this book are: More than 60 home-style recipes tweaked with Ayurvedic insights, Handy tips about food ingredients, Food guide, A prakriti test to identify your constitution, Glossary of spices, lentils and vegetables, Exquisite food photography, and Concise chapters on Ayurvedic tenets.

Just when the world is waking up to the relevance of ancient systems of healing, “Sukham Ayu” brings in the much needed break from routine cooking, as a visual feast to body, mind and soul.

Contents of this book: Recipe sections include sweet platter, ladle of soopa, vegetable medley, pulses of health, Indian bread basket, rice bowl, snack time, and chutneys salads beverages.

Ayurvedic chapters include Who am I? Prakriti test, Self and the Elements – Pancha mahabhuta, The Essence in Food – Shad rasa, Food and the Seasons – Ritucharya, Food Compatibility- Satmya, Food and the Mind – Triguna, Eat with Ayurvedic Insights, A Ready Kitchen – Gunayuktam mahanasam.

Book Design by Prabodh Jain & Kavitha Shivan
Photographs by Srivatsa Shandilya
Researched at Kerala Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat, Pune
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Jigyasa Giri & Pratibha Jain are authors & self-publishers who joined hands to create two exquisite cookbooks that document culinary traditions of India. Accomplished in their respective fields, they came together to create cookbooks of international acclaim. They have made presentations across the world showcasing their books & demonstrating special aspects of India’s culinary traditions.

Jigyasa is also a dancer & teacher at Devaniya, the school of Kathak dance started by her in Chennai. She is married to Pedatha’s nephew V.V.Giri & they have two children, Avani & Arnav.

Pratibha holds a Doctorate in Philosophy of Language from the University of Madras. She resides in Chennai with her husband Mahendar Chordia & they have a daughter, Manasvi.

Their first book is Cooking at Home with Pedatha which was awarded Best Vegetarian Book in the World by Gourmand Awards. It is a tribute to the culinary legacy of Mrs Subhadra Rau Parigi, the eldest daughter of the former President of India, Bharat Ratna Dr. V.V. Giri.

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Best Health and Nutrition Cookbook in the World 2009 – Second Place
Awarded by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards held in Paris in February 2010.

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“I find this a very handy book as it deals with vegetarian recipes congenial to one and all… it contains details on sattvik food with appropriate presentation for each one to build up a healthy body with a sound mind…” – Yogacharya B K S Iyengar

“An invaluable guide. It’s a must if (like me) you believe in not just savoring delicious but also nutritious food. Packed with useful and usable tips guidelines and insights, it delivers traditional wisdom in a yummy palatable way. Jigysasa and Pratibha have done it again! Healthy vegetarian gourmets, this is for you!” – Rashmi Uday Singh, author and acclaimed food critic

“Sukham Ayu, an Ayurvedic cookbook comes as a whiff of fresh air for both, fast paced professionals and people who have been following unhealthy eating habits for long and wish to bring about a change in it.” – The Indian Express

“Bright, friendly and practical, it is a layman’s guide to Ayurvedic food…its strength is that it also manages to convey at least the essence of eating Ayurvedically in a slick, clear, glossy format. – The Hindu, Metro Plus

“Sukham Ayu (happy longevity) that demystifies the tenets of Ayurveda in a simple easy-to-follow manner. Particularly important is the detailed information on the three doshas along with the food guide at the end, which tells you your ‘prakriti’” – Life Positive Magazine

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Page of Contents of Sukham Ayu

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