Bangalore Times interviews Pedatha, Protagonist of our Vegetarian Cookbook

by Pritya Books on April 11, 2007

Traditional recipes bring Indian cuisine on to the global map. Here is an interview about the awards won by ‘Cooking at Home with Pedatha’, a vegetarian cookbook on South Indian recipes in an article titled ‘I have taste in my hands’.

Bangalore Times interviews Pedatha of Andhra Vegetarian Cookbook


It’s no mean feat to get your recipes published in book form at the age of 86. And it’s even more impressive when the book wins several awards.  But Subhadra Parigi, whose recipes feature in Cooking at Home with Pedatha, is pretty modest about her achievements. “I give full credit to the success of the book to my two friends Pratibha Jain and Jigyasa Giri, who’ve written and designed the book,” she says.

Subhadra says that she always loved to cook and that told her that she had “taste in her hands”. “Pratibha and Jigyasa used to come over and visit. They always said that they loved my food. One day they started asking me for recipes and putting them into a laptop. Then one day, they suddenly thought, “Why not make a book?”

The book has mostly Andhra vegetarian recipes, most of which Subhadra says are very easy. But some involve chopping as many as six vegetables, roasting five items, extracting tamarind pulp, and simmering the ingredients more than once.

The book has won several Gourmand India awards – Best Vegetarian Cookbook, Best Cookbook Design, Best Cookbook photography, Best Cookbook cover and Best Local Cookery Book. And it’s also up for the Best Cookbook in the World. But she brushes all these accolades off by saying, “I never thought about things like this. My son’s been traveling a lot and seeing the attention my book is getting. He says I’m like a rock star now! Imagine that.”

(As featured in Bangalore Times, 2007)

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