Ayurvedic Recipes at Paris Cookbook Fair

by Pritya Books on February 17, 2010

“Goodness of home cooked meals” was the theme of our presentation at the Paris Cookbook Fair at Le Cent Quatre on February 13, 2010. The International Show Kitchen was well equipped and we received much help from chefs & trainees from a cooking school under supervision of KC Wallberg.

Demonstration at Paris Cookbook Fair

We chose a few simple everyday dishes that were Indian & healthy, and started our speech thus, “In today’s age of fast foods and junk foods, we reach for cans & frozen foods ever so easily. But as we have learnt and stated in our book ‘Sukham Ayu’, food is for good health, happiness and longevity.”

Demo at Le Cent Quatre

We made a presentation about Ayurvedic recipes with the following dishes from our cookbook Sukham Ayu:

A popular Indian snack, made with broken wheat, which is described thus in Sukham Ayu: “On its own, wheat is cold in potency, sweet in essence, heavy and moist. In this recipe, broken wheat undergoes agni samskara  or ‘refinement by fire’ by being roasted, thus becoming light to digest.” We also added vegetables such as onions, carrots, peas & beans, and green chillies & ginger for spice & flavouring. The dish was prepared in cow’s ghee which is the preferred medium of cooking according to Ayurveda since it gives strength to the body and senses. It is also known as a brain tonic. Garnished with lemon juice & coriander leaves, this snack is served as a fresh wholesome breakfast or a light dinner.

Paris cookbook fair3

A tasty chutney as a spread for sandwiches or with cutlets, this is an all-time favourite. It is prepared with coriander & mint leaves, slightly sautéd capsicum, and enriched with the goodness of gooseberries. Based on Ayurvedic insights, this chutney is enhanced with gooseberries, the richness of almonds and raisins, and the much recommended Brahmi leaf. 

Paris Cookbook Fair

The cold weather of Paris inspired us to make something warm & soothing. In our ancient Ayurvedic texts, there is a mention of the word ‘soopa’ which is quite similar in preparation to soup. This soopa is prepared with lentils (green gram) and the goodness of ginger & lemon juice. A healthy soup, it is much recommended during convalescence. 


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