Ayurvedic Cookbook Launched by The Duchess Club

by Pritya Books on February 20, 2010

Hon. MP Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan was the guest of honour at the launch of Sukham Ayu in Chennai. Actor Mrs. Revathy, journalist Mrs. Geetha Doctor and culinary expert Mrs. Chandri Bhatt graced the occassion and offered their felicitations. A highlight of the event was Dr Roli Rangappa from KARE, Pune who answered many health queries of the members. The event was hosted by The Duchess Club, Chennai at Savera Hotels on Feb 12, 2009.

Jayanthi Natarajan at our book launch

The Duchess Club has always been enthusiastic & supportive of our projects & work. When Sukham Ayu was published, they approached us and said they would like to be the first to launch the book. With their usual efficiency, they invited women achievers of Chennai from diverse fields as the special guests for the event.

The authors of our ayurvedic cookbook

The Duchess Club Team

Members of Duchess Club at launch of our Health cookbook

The Hindu (Retail Plus) covered the event in an article titled Getting booked by Rinku Gupta & Shivani Arora: “After the roaring success of Cooking at Home with Pedatha, the duo who authored the book are back with a bang and launched their second book ‘Sukham Ayu – Cooking at home with Ayurvedic insights’ at the Duchess Club meet on Thursday.”

The Express Buzz wrote about the event in an article titled “Ayurveda in our food”. Below are some extracts from the article:
“MP Jayanthi Natarajan said she was impressed with the presentation of the book. ‘The world revolves around food. What you eat is what you are and how you become a better person,’ she said and congratulated the authors.

‘One of my passions is food. I love food. Both my mother and mother-in-law cook well. Cooking is like a therapy. When I am stressed out, I like to play music and cook. It’s like a dance for me,’ said actress Revathy. Speaking about the benefits of Ayurveda, she pointed out the 26 varieties of dishes prepared at Vishu and Onam. ‘If I have this stamina today, it’s all because of what my mother fed me till I was five years old. This generation doesn’t have the knowledge of what we eat from our birth till five years of age. That diet is going to sustain us till we are in our 50s and 60s. After filmmaking, it’s cooking that I adore,’ she added.

Chandri Bhat, a culinary expert, said, ‘It’s an honest and sincere work. It’s a proud heritage of Ayurveda. All recipes in the book are friendly and encouraging. It’s visually appealing and photography is brilliant.’ Geetha Doctor and Nina Reddy also spoke on the occasion.”

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