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by Pritya Books on April 26, 2006

ITC Kitchens of India reviews our award winning vegetarian cookbook focussing on Pedatha’s philosophy of Slow Cooking. Pedatha gave many tips while she taught us her recipes, each one reiterating that cooking must ideally be an unhurried process.

A simple cookbook says Kitchens of India

Here is a transcript of the review:
Finally a cookbook that is both authentic and simple. “Cooking at home with Pedatha” is not just a recital of recipes. It is a passing of tradition. It is a person telling you about the way she cooks something and not just the method to cook it.

The inspiration for this book is the culinary genius of Mrs.Subhadra Rau Parigi, fondly known as Pedatha, the eldest offspring of India’s former President Bharat Ratna Dr. V. V. Giri.

A passionate cook, Pedatha’s recipes are much sought after by friends and relatives. Her cooking has remained unchanged in the face of changing times, still retaining the traditional flavours and an old world charm.

Intrigued by her passion, which has not diminished with age, Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain take the initiative to record this culinary legacy for posterity. “After indulging in another soul-satisfying meal at Pedatha’s home, we re-crowned her the world’s best cook. She smiled indulgently and said – ‘Anyone can cook that, it is so easy to make.’ On an impulse, we switched on our laptop, and keyed in the recipe.”

This book is rendered in an appealing format, with a generous sprinkling of Pedatha’s interesting and relevant tips and variations.

And another interesting fact that separates this book from a regular cookbook is that, while approximate times are given, readers are encouraged to “look at the pan and not the watch.” A telling sign of the first person, genuinely personal feel of the book. “Our heartfelt desire was to show Pedatha how a ‘seemingly’ ordinary skill of hers is in truth a rare genius…and thus came about this book at the greatest speed possible”, the authors say.

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