A tribute to Mother Earth ~ Inbox 1305

by Pritya Books on January 31, 2011

The Traditional Connect is what we titled the event on December 10, 2010 to celebrate the Terra Madre Day. Inspired by the Slow Food Movement, we organized this event with the Duchess club, Chennai. Inbox 1305 covered the event in its issue “Earth 2011″ in a feature titled – A tribute to Mother Earth.

Tribute to Mother Earth with Slow Food

Here is a transcript of the article:
The Duchess club along with Pritya celebrated Terra Madre day on December 10th which is marked as Terra Madre day. The event was one of the 1000 events which happened across the globe to mark Terra Madre day.
What’s Up: The Duchess club and Pritya organized a pot luck of traditional vegetarian food to mark Terra Madre day.
Where: Nina Reddy’s residence, Chennai.
We Saw, We Heard: Over 60 women participated and brought their best recipes spreading across a variety of cuisines from Andhra to Punjab, Rajasthan and even Vietnamese. Srivalli Jetti, Kavitha Chesetty & Sabita Radhakrishnan were the judges & prizes were given in various categories.
We Liked: The traditional decor of the place by Nina Reddy, the enthusiasm with which the members participated and the pledges taken by the Duchess organizers, the Pritya partners and the judges to save mother earth.

(As featured in Inbox 1305)

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