A dash of health in every dish, says Chennai Times

by Pritya Books on March 23, 2009

An interview with Pratibha Jain and Jigyasa Giri by Anusha Vincent was published in The Chennai Times in March 2009.

Interview with the authors of health bookbook

Being a part of the Three Musketeers, with the widely renowned and loved Pedatha as their mentor, it is no wonder that Pratibha and Jigyasa are going places with their cookbooks, such as the recently launched Sukham Ayu.
How did the journey begin? “Pedatha was Jigyasa’s aunt-in-law and a chance incident which saw the three of us enjoying a meal, was how it began. We started jotting down Pedatha’s Andhra recipes way back in 2003 and almost a year later decided that the recipes were too good to be kept to ourselves, ” recounts Pratibha.
But apart from the knowledge itself, what else goes into the making of a good cookbook? “Hours of gritting your teeth in getting the recipe right, lots of experimentation; where a kitchen becomes a lab and a family that is happy to be your guinea pigs. And yes, lots of money and faith,” points out Jigyasa.
Their latest offering is a book that focuses on the ayurvedic aspect of cooking. But how do they manage to combat the popular notion that all things healthy lack in taste?
“Healthy food can be quite delicious! Most of us have grown up on healthy and fast home cooked food, haven’t we?,” quips Jigyasa. Then why is it that so many housewives who eat nothing but home cooked food are so out of shape? They laugh in unison, “Oops…we do not want to answer that. Guess it is just the Indian hormonal imbalance. But seriously, life has to be a balance of exercise and diet! In tune with that, one must understand that ayurveda is all about balance and moderation. In these times of stress, it makes a lot of sense to fall back on this ancient wisdom.”
And when talk turns to their favourite personal cuisines, Pratibha smiles, “For Jigyasa, variety is the spice of life but for me, it is good old Tamil Brahmin thali sappadu!”
And finally what does this duo love about Chennai? “Its pace – it allows each one to be what they want to be,” they pipe in unison.

(As featured in The Chennai Times)

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